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Pet clinic at Anna nagar. Are you looking for pet clinic? Furry's offers the best holistic based care for pets in the city of Chennai. We specialize in offering specific treatment depending on the dog's health. Our services includes the regular vaccination, treatment for ailments, in addition to that we also offer nutritional counselling and other related services.
Pet clinics in Anna nagar: Are you looking for pet clinic ? Furry's Pet Clinic is one of the first clinics in the City of Chennai started way back in 1992. It was started by Late Dr A Mohamed Basheer, Former Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai. Our services include Vaccination, Treatment of all diseases, Home visits for emergencies, Health counselling for pets and other services.
Pet Clinic at Anna nagar: Furry's is one of the oldest pet clinics in the City. We started our operations way back in 1992 and still we continue serving our four legged friend. Our team of Veterinarians led by DR M SABEENA BANU who had devoted themselves to the service of animals. Our services include Treatment for all ailments, vaccination, nutritional counselling, surgery, a very nominal cost. Visit us today and see the difference.
Pet clinic in Chennai: FURRY'S is one of the oldest clinics in the city of Chennai serving pets for more than 30 years. We provide all the clinical services for your pets like dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small reptiles. Our services nclude treatment for all ailments, emergencies, vaccination, nutritional counselling and others. We have the all the specialists to take care of individual requirements for your pets.
Are you looking for Pet Clinic ? FURRYS Pet Clinic in Anna Nagar is one of the oldest Pet Clinics in the City of Chennai. We provide all clinical services for pets such as vaccination, treatment for all ailments, emergenies, health counselling and etc. We provide treatment for not only for dogs and cats but also birds and reptiles.
Are you looking for Pet Clinic in Anna nagar ?? Furry's Pet Clinic in Chennai has been continuously serving pet since 1992, We are one of the oldest Pet Clinic serving the city of Chennai. Our team of Veterinarians headed by Dr M Sabeena Banu are devoted towards pets and provide the best service for them. As a clinic we provide all the services to your beloved pets like vaccination, treatment for all ailments, surgeries, handling emergencies, counselling and so on.